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You can now read the ePub version of this ebook right in your Firefox browser with the brilliant EPUBReader Add-on for Firefox.
Download the Add-on, install and restart Firefox.
Then open this ebooks ePub link eg:
Open 'The Kindly Ones' in EPUBReader Add-on for Firefox

You can open any local A.J. Hall ePub ebooks or read directly from the ePub format links on our websites, you can even bookmark pages and change fonts and colours.

You can also download this ebook in ePub format for iBooks (iPad, iPhone, iTouch) or any device which supports this format and for the Kindle in MOBI format or any other device which support that format.

If you have downloaded the EPUBReader Add-on for Firefox mentioned above, then you need to 'right click' and 'Save as' or 'Save link as' to download the ePub format ebooks rather than open them in the add-on.

Original formats still available include:
Microsoft Reader (.lit) format, eReader (Palm .pdb) format and a simplified HTML zipped (.zip) file format for use with a browser or other e-book readers such as MobiPocket or uBook, (you may need to un-zip the file first.)

Other ebook formats

If you'd like to convert any of our ebooks to your preferred format then feel free. It's probably best to use the simplified HTML file above as a starting point and use the images from this web site. (You should note the HTML file is actually XHTML in UTF-8, UK English.) If you feel your new format is a 'must have' for everyone, then please send us a copy so that we can post it here. You will of course get full credit for the conversion.

Download with web clippers

This web site is also compatible with web clippers such as AvantGo or with iSiloX and it's associated reader iSilo. These will capture this ebook in a more compact text format for PDAs, this is by design.